Friday, May 10, 2013

If you're going to be on campus all day...

Pack healthy snacks or see what the best options around campus are.

 Some student centers or cafeterias have really great food options on campus.  If you are low on cash however, make a wrap or pack some snacks.

Examples of easy to make zip lock bag snacks:
  • thinly sliced apple with orange and lemon squirts on the slices 
  • banana with peanut butter in the middle 
  • granola with raisins and coconut
  • nuts (peanuts, almonds, etc.) 
  • carrots or broccoli and a bit of ranch
  • apples and peanut butter
    • I used to do this all the time in middle school and high school
    • One zip lock bag for the apple slices and one for a couple scoops of peanut butter
Other great things to pack:
  • a banana
  • an orange
  • granola bar (Nature Valley is good or Nutrigrain) 
  • a wrap
Orzo salad (left) and Naked smoothie drinks (right)

Shells and cheese with green beans sauteed in onions and garlic

Other great food options we have available on Mizzou's campus: sushi, salads, fruit cups, veggie salads, etc.

Pinterest has a bunch of great snack and recipe ideas which I'll be posting later on, but click here for the link to my recipes board.

^^ Note: not all the recipes and food ideas in my Recipes board are necessarily healthy and there are a lot of dessert ideas on there too, but regardless I think you guys will enjoy! 

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