Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Costa Rica's Pura Vida; Live a Healthy Pure Life

Over Thanksgiving break, I was in Costa Rica for 8 days with 20 of my family members.  We were there to simply reunite, relax, bond, and enjoy!  We surfed everyday, went zip-lining, visited several different beaches and surfing spots, and just hung out.

It was truly the trip of a lifetime.  Our houses we rented were literally in the jungle and walking distance of the ocean.  The food there was so unprocessed and fresh; it was incredible!  We ate a lot of fish, eggs, chicken, fruits, vegetables, minimal red meats, and things low in sugar.  It felt like such a cleanse.

While eating these foods all week, I felt better and more energized.  It just confirms that we really are what we eat.  If we eat the good stuff, real unprocessed foods, we feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This trip was like a retreat for the heart, body, mind, and soul.  I bonded with many family members whom I don't get to see that often, got to spend quality time with close loved ones, and got to be spiritual and at peace with the world.  I encourage all of you to take time out of your day or week to really be present in the moment with your friends and family and to just live.  Eat real foods; they make you feel better.  And stay active!  Do some sort of activity everyday.

Not everyone gets the luxury of surfing daily or even partaking in hiking and activities like those, but go for a walk, get your heart rate up, and practice yoga. Take time to relax and meditate.  Reflect on all of your blessings and appreciate the things you already have. 

Viva una pura vida!  Choose to be happy.  Happiness looks good on everyone and radiates around you.  People like happy people because it makes them feel happier.  So be happy (:

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