Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stretching, it really does wonders

Stretching has many benefits.  It reduces stress, helps with the natural flow of your internal systems, helps lengthen your muscles and keep the tissues healthy, helps with flexibility, circulation, balance, as well as helps with lower back pain.

Taking ten to fifteen minutes to stretch every day really helps your body and joints stay limber.  It is also a great way to prevent injury.  In addition, I've found that stretching before and after my workouts has actually helped me not to bulk up from certain exercises.

So take the time to stretch after your workouts, it really pays off and leaves you feeling less sore! There are also stretches that are exercises as well and tone your body like you would not believe! My mom teaches a stretch class where she incorporates ballet floor workouts which both stretch your muscles and create long and lean muscle tone.  I'll post some of these later!

Great stretches to do everyday
  • (on the floor) 
    • reach your arms up and over while reaching for your toes
    • straddle your legs, reach your arms up and over your center keeping your back as straight as possible
      • next, reach up and over to one side aiming your nose to your knee then do the other side
    • lie on your back, hug your knees to your chest and rock side to side
    • on your back again, take one knee, pull it up towards your chest.  Then while keeping your torso facing forward, use your opposing hand to pull your knee over your body and try and get it as close to the ground as possible.  Do the next side the same way
    • Do all of these and you'll be feeling ready for the day!
Also, I used to have fairly bad lower back problems and honestly, between stretching on a daily basis and strengthening both my core and back, I am pain free to this day (that is unless I re-injure it or forgot to stretch after a strenuous workout).  I'll share some of these strengthening exercises that are helpful to cope with lower back pain and problems. 


  1. This is so true! I became almost completely paralyzed in my left leg from a car accident and I continued to stretch and keep pushing it. Today I'm running races and marathons like no other.

  2. That's amazing! I'm so glad to hear how stretching and strength training has made the difference for you and has helped you recover. What an inspiring story to hear that you are now running marathons! Keep it up. (:

    1. woah that is! but stretching really does help i used to be so unflexible and i am more now but my back is so unflexible it hurts a lot. I am a dancer and when i jump and do leaps my back can't bend the way it used too. How can I change that?


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