Saturday, April 6, 2013

Go for a run!

Start your day by going for a run or a jog!  It is one of the best exercises to stay fit and is great for burning calories!  Did you know that running burns more calories than swimming or rowing?

Even at a lower intensity, one hour of running/jogging can burn between 450-600 calories.  It's different depending on weight- there are calculators for that online.

Benefits of running/jogging:
  • great for the cardiovascular system
  • maintains an overall toned body
  • builds stamina and endurance
  • great exercise for weight loss
  • burns tons of calories
  • reduces stress

Things to keep in mind before/while going for a jog or a run:
  • wear good supportive shoes when running on concrete
    • running along the beach in sand is great too and that can be done barefoot if you prefer
  •  keep hydrated! 
    • if you feel your mouth beginning to dry up, stop and take a few sips of water
  • music always helps pump me up
    • make a playlist and pick a fun, scenic neighborhood to jog through-it's more enjoyable
It was 72 degrees today and slightly overcast so it was the perfect weather to run in, but on colder days, I'll hit up the rec and will use the track.  I get bored with running sometimes so I prefer to go outside somewhere rather than running around a monotonous track with no destination.  On those days, music or a running buddy is a must!

When you're working out at the gym, try and incorporate running or jogging around the track for 20-30 minutes as a warm up.  Don't forget to stretch!

If you are doing an at home workout, try going for a run a few times a week around your neighborhood to switch it up from the track.  

One more thing for the ladies-

Don't be afraid to sweat! It's great for your skin, so wash off the makeup and break a sweat when running or working out!


  1. I would run.. but i hate it and I suck at it. I have no motivation. Also, is it bad to exercise/sweat with makeup on?

    1. I completely understand, I used to be terrible at running and I'm not the best runner to this day, but have learned to make it work. By varying your running/jogging routine, you build stamina and endurance. Try running for a minute or two, switch to a jog then either pick the pace back up to a run or bring it down to a power walk then back to a jog or run. It's one of the best ways to tone your body and burn a ton of calories if that helps with any motivation. Make sure to stretch really well though before and after.

      Wearing make up while you work out and sweat can be a problem. The make up blocks your pores and hinders them from sweating, which can then cause breakouts.

      Tips for wearing minimal make up while working out if you must:
      -Cleanse beforehand. For oily skin, use an oil-free cleanser beforehand to open and unclog your pores. For dry skin, cleanse normally, but apply moisturizer to your face before putting any sort of make up back on.
      -Wear light, water-based foundations and mineral powders. These are way less likely to clog pores.
      -Wipe off any excess make up that drips from sweating throughout your workout.

      I find it easier to just not wear any face make up to avoid this problem and your skin will thank you. It's a nice feeling after a workout to just wash your face off and not worry about smearing and actually having to cleanse again.

  2. my problem is that i always get so dehydrated when i run i need to constantly have it or I faint and i hate holding water in my hands so i kinda gave up:/

    1. I actually have a fainting condition and would have problems with running because it would tend to cause dizzy spells or random fainting episodes, but if you hydrate before, no need to bring water with you. Just make sure that there are places along the way (like drinking fountains) that you can rehydrate if need be and definitely after the workout.


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